Lou Lou

louloudoll-22-10-15-matt-austin-101-copy.jpg caroline-doll-22-10-15-matt-austin-110.jpg

Meet Lou Lou, the very first from the collection of boudoir dolls.

She has a classic 20s style, with lots of opportunities for customising her.

Lou Lou is the founder of The Doll Collective. Found wandering around Berkley Square at 7am after a night of dancing and gin fizz. She could remember nothing except her name! The London papers were full of reports of a mysterious debutante turning heads at every prominent party, but no-one knew from whence she came, making her all the more alluring and intriguing. To help her regain her memory, she started The Doll Collective – a club for fabulous people who appreciate the finer things in life: dancing, jazz, high tea, higher fashion, and, of course, beautiful dolls. In doing so, she hopes that someone can help her stitch together her past, and take her on new adventures to craft an exciting future.

Right now, she’s a blank slate; she needs your help to re-imagine her personality, her place in life and, more importantly, her wardrobe!