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What is a boudoir doll?

A boudoir doll is not a run-of-the-mill rag doll, and to avoid causing offence, it is highly advisable never to let one of them overhear you describe her as such!

In 1920s Europe and America, instead of cushions, it was fashionable to have soft bodied dolls adorning your bed or sofa. These were not meant to be played with as such, being decorative objects, but that certainly didn’t mean that they were left untouched! These dolls became the must-have accessory for well-to-do women of the age; ladies of high fashion would take their favourite doll along to their seamstress when having a new outfit created for them, and commission a miniature version for dolly, too. Then both would display their splendid new finery at whichever club, tearoom or party was the current place to see and be seen! There are many photographs of flappers with their boudoir doll, or poupee, in matching or complementing styles, embodying the frivolity and girlishness that the era prized.

Boudoir dolls continued to be made through to the 1940s, although during this time, the inevitable impact of the war was felt, and materials were scarce. Their popularity waned, and eventually dolls became consigned back to the nursery…

We think it’s time they came back out to play.


Are the dolls suitable for children?

As the dolls’ features are printed, they are suitable for children – however, we do not take any responsibility for them once embellishments are attached. If you intend to make the doll for a child, please consider the age of the child and their suitability when deciding which embellishments to add, as young children can choke on buttons.

I’m missing part of the kit! What do I do?

Don’t worry! As our dolls are hand packed by real humans, unfortunately there is the possibility of very occasional oversights – please accept our sincere apologies, and contact dolly@thedollcollective.com so we can send you out the missing part straight away.

Is there somewhere I can share my doll images and stories?

Yes please – we’re really excited about seeing how you style your dolls, where you take them, and who they become! More details to follow.

I’ve got some feedback for you. Where should I send it?

Feedback is really important to us; as a small, independent company, feedback from our community is the best way for us to improve our service and your experience. Please email feedback@thedollcollective.com with your comments.

Can I have my order Gift Wrapped?

You can select to have your Kit or order gift wrapped online, by phone for just £3.30. If ordering online, simply select the 'It's a gift' option during checkout, and then choose a style. If you're ordering by phone or in store, speak to Becca. Gift wrapping includes complimentary gift cards so you can include a message for the recipient. All online orders containing a gift wrap are sent with a gift invoice, so no prices or billing information will be displayed. 

Can I add a free Gift message to my order?

Yes, you can select to add a message at the checkout (or while ordering over the phone). This is printed on the dispatch note included in the parcel. The dispatch note will be a gift invoice, so no prices or billing information will be displayed.