Alfonso The Magnificent!

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Alfonso The Magnificent..

The heart of a sailor, the passion of the tempestuous seas and the strength of the wild tiger is Alfonso the Magnificent. The greatest showman of his time, Alfonso astounds audiences with his burly strength and majestically strong features. A mere seaman at the start of this tale, Alfonso seeks solace from broken heart on board a weather beaten ship bound for England.

His tattoos embroider his body with tales of high seas; a ship in a stormy bottle, fragile as life itself, the call of the siren to certain death and the roll of a dice that leads to fortune and love. Tossed from the sea at the whim of a beautiful mermaid, Alfonso meets with destiny as he dares to ‘dream big’ in the circus. 

Quiet and uncertain our shy showman cowers in the shadow of the spotlight when it comes to love, but he is soon spellbound by the flamboyant vixen of the devilish high wire, Dita Von Stitch. Her alluring feminine wiles were quick to capture Alfonso’s heart and, in return, he bears the key to unlock hers.

Order Alf (Only a few are brave enough to call hime this...)as a full kit and choose which Strong outfit he wears. Mix up the animal skin suit, cape & Boots! He is always trying new combinations to get Dita attention!